11 June 2013


Uplifting journalism

This post is not about how everything is going downhill, as we hear all around. We definitely prefer to share positive and enlightening news !

We feel pretty lucky to work with creative startups, always popping up ideas. We feel quite proud to support them with communication advice and making films. We feel much inspired by their achievements…

It’s about SHOPMIUM, URBAN FOOTBALL, LIMONETIK, DEEZER, and WORLDCRUNCH, a website that discovers and translates great stories from the best international publications.

Their new idea, called WORLDCRUNCH IMPACT, aims to deliver solutions-oriented journalism on one global development issue each month.

They need a hand to make it happen, so don’t hesitate to look into it and maybe pledge your help on kickstarter !

Speaking of problems is ok, looking for solutions is better, isn’t it ?