16 October 2013

Autumn tales

So Bam as a Cartoon factory

We let fly our imagination high up in the stratosphere to feed our two very cool Fall projects.

One, quite fun & flashy, presents our vision of media relations for a big company – TOTAL, for instance. With drawings by the great Erwann Surcouf.

The Media Club starship cruises the galaxy, spreading the good words with heavy press kits. All is fine until…

The other, quite poetic & dreamy, is inspired by a fragrance from the très chic brand SISLEY. With illustrations and animation by the great Joanna Lurie.

Paris under the rain. A woman, walking in the gloom, is suddenly caught by the sight of a colorful painting… and in a wink, finds herself inside the painting that comes to life !

 Our team swelled with cartoonists, motion designers, storyboarders, comedians, sound designers, composers… to make a real animation studio.

Marc & Joss are very excited to show you soon those two gems. Have a little patience, please…